Rouge Dior 999 Review

I don’t know about you, but for me, I find it difficult to pull off bright red lipsticks. I feel like its color is intimidating that’s why I refrain from using/buying red lippies. I was never a fan of Russian Reds and Ruby Woos. But then again, they say if you dislike ’em maybe you haven’t found the right one. Later, I discovered The One, my right shade of bold red lipstick, it’s Rouge Dior 999.

Rouge Dior 999
Rouge Dior 999

Just a little background: 60 years ago Christian Dior created his iconic ‘Dior Red’, a shade that would suit every woman. This shade was called No.9, later became No.99. Years later, Dior recreated this Iconic Dior Red and was named No.999.

Product Description: ‘The voluptuous Rouge Dior formula provides 16 hours* of comfort without drying out the lips or color streaking, in both the matte and satin finish alike. It includes a unique combination of “lip care” ingredients that target optimal comfort and lasting hold.’

Rouge Dior 999
Rouge Dior 999: Old Packaging (L), Latest packaging (R)

Packaging: Dior Rogue’s packaging is a winner! I love the midnight blue casing with silver accent. It’s chic, it’s elegant, it looks expensive. It’s one of the most good looking lipstick I have ever seen! It’s predecessor, the old Dior Rouge packaging, with Dior’s signature Cannage pattern is gorgeous as well.

Pigment/Texture: This product is a highly pigmented true red color with berry undertones. It has a smooth glossy finish that glides easily on the lips. The formula is lightweight that provides long lasting comfort for hours without drying.


Staying Power: In terms of longevity, I have low expectations for lipsticks with glossy/satin finish but surprisingly this really lasts long although it doesn’t live up to its promise of 16 hours wearability. But still, I’m impressed.

Availability/Price: You can get the Rouge Dior in Rustan’s or Duty-Free stores. It’s around PHP 1,900; It’s not exactly cheap, Rouge Dior 999 actually made it to the Top 10 Most Expensive Lipsticks List.

Rating: 8/10

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