ColourPop Take Me Home Eyeshadow Review

I was looking for a mini palette as a substitute for my overused Urban Decay Naked Basic. TBH I do reach more for my mini palettes than the full sized palettes, which most of the time stay on my shelf. I was searching for an inexpensive brand, then I realised I haven’t tried any of ColourPop’s palettes. The Take Me Home Palette looks good, and since Tati approves of this eyeshadow in her video, I might as well give it shot.

Colourpop Take Me Home
ColourPop Take Me Home

Product Description: Take Me Home is the perfect eyeshadow palette for travel or touchups. It features six super-pigmented pressed powder shadows in versatile everyday shades with matte and metallic finishes. The formula applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. These long-wearing shadows contain a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft-focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly.

Packaging: ColourPop eyeshadow palettes come in a cardboard packaging. But this has a plus, unlike other ColourPop palettes this packaging comes with a mirror.

Colourpop Take me home
ColourPop Take Me Home

Shades This palette contains 6 pre existing ColourPop eyeshadows; 2 Metallics (Bitter Better & Salt Water) and 4 Matte eyeshadows (Issues, Side Tracked, French Kiss & Popular Demand)

Issues: matte pastel peach
Side Tracked: matte terracotta with gold flecks
French Kiss: matte medium chocolate brown
Salt Water: metallic golden peach
Popular Demand: matte red brown
Bitter Better: metallic soft gold

They’re not exactly what I expected, the colours are warm-toned so it’s not a substitute for UD Naked Basic, maybe it could pass as a dupe for Heat Petite. I was a bit disappointed at first because I’m all about nudes and neutrals but when I tried it, the warm colours looked good on my medium tone skin. And it’s perfect for summer!

Colourpop Take Me Home swatches
ColourPop Take Me Home swatches

Pigmentation&Texture: I was surprised that the eyeshadows are pretty much pigmented. As for the texture, the Mattes feel powdery while the Metallics are buttery. The eyeshadows are loosely pressed so there are some fallouts when picking up the product but it won’t be a problem when already applied over the lid. Also, the eyeshadows blend really well.

Staying Power:  I’m new to ColourPop’s formula and I’m quite impressed. Because of the cheap price, I expected that it would not last the whole day but it did.

Price/Availability: I bought this from an online seller for 635. Although this palette is no longer available on ColourPop’s website, you still can purchase this from eBay, Amazon and online shops.

Final Thoughts: If you like warm-toned eyeshadows and prefer travel size palettes I think this is perfect you. The pigmentation and longevity are good. ColourPop’s eyeshadow formula exceeds expectation so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on other palettes in the future (Fame & Fortune, I’m looking at you).

Rating: 7.5/10

* * * * *

P.S. Here’s a throwback picture of my previous ColourPop haul. I think I went crazy with Ultra Mattes, Ultra Satins and Lippie stix. Do you guys love ColourPop? 🙂

Colourpop Haul


24 Comments Add yours

  1. Lola Vienne says:

    It is a great palette but I think I am the Naked basic lover hahaha.

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Yes UD Naked Basic is the best ☺️

  2. katedaysaweek says:

    You never have enough neutral eyeshadows in life!
    Where are you from, Lulu? (I’m asking this because I didn’t recognize the currency you used). I’m going to check out eBay and Amazon, thanks for the review.

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      True! I still need more neutral eyeshadow good for traveling. I’m from the Philippines 🇵🇭 That’s Philippine Peso and the price is equivalent to $12. Thank you for reading my post! ☺

      1. katedaysaweek says:

        Pleasure !

  3. I’ve never tried Colour Pop but these shades are gorgeous!

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Yes and ColourPop’s formula is really good ☺

  4. Kelly says:

    I love ColourPop! I could go a huge shopping spree on their website.

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      yes i love coloupop hauls 😍

  5. These are so pretty! And I really love the names of the different shades!

  6. I have super sensitive eyelids and can’t use these, but the colors are so pretty!

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Aww that’s too bad. Thanks for reading my post’!

  7. I have never tried color pop eye shadows., but I’m really liking this one, it just has great shades in it. Thanks for sharing.!

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Yup the shades are pretty! Thanks for reading! ☺️

  8. mary yowell says:

    This palette looks good! I have never tried ColourPop but I really want to!

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Try it! The formula’s actually good! ☺️

  9. ohhjacqui says:

    French kiss and Salt Water look stunning 😍

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Yes they are lovely 😍

  10. The colours are amazing! Great post x

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Thanks for reading my post! 🙂

      1. Your welcome it was a great poshx

  11. shianai says:

    HUHU! The first time I bought eyeshadows it was too light for me…buti nalang may eyeshadow na ako na sponsored hehe

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      Wow sponsored! Lucky you! ☺️

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