August Roundup: Sunnies Face, To All The Boys I Loved Before, Risky Romance etc.


Yey for monthly round-up #2! It’s been a very busy month so I was not able to follow a blogging schedule again. I do work 40 hours/week in the hospital and go to clinic 2-3x a week so I have almost one day off per week (which I spend on sleeping, malling and watching series/YouTube).


Image: Sunnies Face

This August Sunnies released their own makeup: Sunnies Face Fluffmatte lipsticks. There was a hype over the internet and when it was released it was immediately sold out. There are mixed reviews regarding the lipsticks specifically its staying power. Also, this line received major backlash on Twitter, some issues mentioned: the founders are elitists and Marcos apologists, claims of being formulated in Italy, copying Glossier and Ever Bilena etc. Still, I picked up 3 lippies just because I wanted to try if it’s a decent matte lipstick given that each lippie costs only P345. Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding Sunnies Face but for me, I’m satisfied with the lipsticks (review soon) and I’m glad to see local makeup brands getting so much support from Filipinos.



Image: MBC

My latest K-drama addiction is Risky Romance, it’s a rom-com medical series about a competitive Neurosurgeon Han Seung-joo (played by Ji Hyun-woo) who developed anger management issues after he had a brain surgery because of a car accident. His colleague from the Department of Internal Medicine (go IM!), a naive Endocrinologist Joo In-ah (played by Lee Si-young) is sure that this sudden change in personality is caused by his abnormal levels of testosterone. She can’t stop obsessing about her ‘patient’ wherein she stalks the Neurosurgeon and insists for him to get lab tests.  Of course, chaos follows then they slowly fall in love. This show is light and funny. I love how they portray the ups and downs of being a physician as well as the friendships formed inside and outside the hospital. It also captures the struggles of doctors starting their own practice outside the hospitalRisky Romance is currently being aired in MBC (Korea) and K plus channel (Philippines).


Image: Netflix

Okay, if you haven’t seen To All The Boys I Loved Before on Netflix then you’re probably living under a rock. After it was released in Netflix last August 17, my med school girlfriends (20-30 something unmarried medical residents/fellows) went crazy over this movie and insisted me to watch this ASAP. The movie is based on Jenny Han’s young adult series (total of 3 books). With the success of the movie, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a sequel. I’m so excited I can’t wait!!



Image: YouTube

If you’re into watching beauty gurus on YouTube then let’s be honest, we can’t resist watching Jeffree Star’s videos no matter how controversial and problematic he may be. This month the youtube comedian Shane Dawson released his docuseries entitled ‘The Secret World of Jeffree Star‘. It’s a five-part documentary wherein Shane uncovers the other side of Jeffree Star. Jeffree opens up about his past life, his wealth, as well as his feuds as Shane and his friends explore Jeffree’s mansion, makeup warehouse and even his old apartment. And of course, Shane was transformed into Jeffree Star for a day (with the help of James Charles). It’s wonderfully written/edited and it’s hilarious AF. This is my first time to binge-watch a series in YT. Good job Shane!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Em says:

    I saw TATBILB today and loved it! I hope there are more!

    Em ~

    1. Lulu, MD says:

      I’m excited for the 2nd and 3rd movie!! 🙂

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