[JOLSE] 302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask 3ea Review

I was fortunate to be selected by Jolse to try and review the 302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask. However, due to some issues, I received my package almost a month late. I was so excited to try the masks after PhilPost finally informed me that my package was already available for pick up.

302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask
302WHITE II Step Nano Melting Bio Mask

Active Ingredient: The main ingredient of this product is Panax ginseng, a medicinal herb native from Korea and China that has been used for thousands of years. It has been known to have several uses for vitality, immune function, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, improvement of cognitive and physical performance and sexual function, thus the genus name, Panax (Pan=all + axos=medicine) means ‘cure all’ in Greek.1,2  Recent studies have reported that ginsenosides (an active compound found in ginseng) have anti-allergic effects and anti-inflammatory effects.3 Panax ginseng is also known to promote collagen synthesis and suppress melanogenesis  (hence lighten the skin).4

Material and Fit: The mask comes with 2 layers:  (1) Outer layer: a semi-transparent sheet and (2) Skin touching layer: a gel-like elastic layer. The outer layer is to be removed a few minutes after the whole mask is fitted on the face. The second layer is left to adhere the face for 10 -20 mins. The mask fits my face very well, though not perfectly. The adherence of the mask is also good; the mask doesn’t slide down my face. The mask adheres too well that I found it difficult to remove the first layer from the second layer, I have taken off the entire mask from my face just to separate the sheet masks.

Step 1 Nano Melting Biomask
Step 1 Nano Melting Biomask Layer 1 and 2. Claims: Mask contains ginseng CM to give skin the powerful whitening effect and moisturizing effect

Essence: The essence of the mask is clear/transparent while the consistency is not quite as thick like that of snail mucin mask essence. It doesn’t have any scent or fragrance of any kind.

Step 1 Nano Melting Bio Mask Essence
Step 1 Nano Melting Bio Mask Essence

Bio Maskream: The final step after removing the mask is the application of the Bio Maskream, a moisturizing sherbet cream.

Step 2 Bio Maskream
Step 2 Bio Maskream. Claims: Soft and moisturizing cream will affect your skin nutrition + protecting + moisturized

Effects: The mask provides a cooling sensation right after application of the mask and after the removal of the 1st layer. The bio maskream then gives the moisturizing effect. The essence and the cream don’t leave a tacky/sticky feeling. As for the whitening claims, I did not notice any effect yet.

Price/ Availability:  A box of 10-piece face masks is available in Jolse for $24.50 (1,320).

Final Thoughts:  I was surprised that I enjoyed trying this Nano Melting Bio Mask, it’s a unique masking experience, although a bit complicated. This won’t probably be the sheet mask of choice for a nightly 10-step skincare routine or if you just want to relax with a nice sheet mask after a long day in school/work.

If you’re a simple girl/guy, this may be too complex for you but if you’re really into sheet masks then you must try this at least once. For a pack of sheet masks $24.50 (1,320) may seem a bit pricey, but if you look at it this way: a dual-layer mask plus a moisturizing cream, then I think 132 per mask is a good deal.

Rating: 7/10

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me in exchange for my honest review.


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  2. Coon, J.T. & Ernst, E. Drug-Safety (2002) 25: 323. https://doi.org/10.2165/00002018-200225050-00003
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