ColourPop Haul & Shipping to Philippines

Who doesn’t love ColourPop? Some would label ColourPop as a drugstore brand because of the price but the quality of the products are really good. ColourPop is actually an Indie brand based in Los Angeles. Most of their products are available online and some can be bought at Ulta Beauty. But if you’re from Asia, specifically in the Philippines, how can you get your hands on their amazing products?


A few years ago, I would buy them online and have them shipped to my friends in the US. But if you don’t have any family or friends from the US you can get them from online shops at a higher price. In case you don’t know, ColourPop does ship internationally if you purchased items worth 50USD and above. So you have to buy P 2,500 worth of ColourPop items to have them deliver it in the Philippines free of charge. Is it worth it? Yes, if it’s Black Friday Sale.

ColourPop Black Friday Sale is such a bargain. They had free international shipping during their 2018 Black Friday Sale, and for last year they had a 30% off sale sitewide. So it’s was the best opportunity to grab those super shock highlighters I’ve been eyeing for a long time now.

The Process:

After checking out from the website you will receive an email from ColourPop confirming your order purchase. In 3-5 days you will get another email of Shipment Confirmation. Because of the large orders they receive during Holidays, it took a long time for my order to get shipped. The email will also provide you with a link for tracking your package.

Once the package arrives in the Philippines, you will no longer able to track the whereabouts of the package since it is already forwarded to PhilPost. Let me make this clear: the package is sent via ordinary mail and you have to pick it up in the Post Office.

Manila Central Post Office, Magallanes Drive, Liwasang Bonifacio; 1000 Manila (Image: Wikipedia)

How to Claim your package in the Post Office:

The PhilPost has a tracking site, but for some reasons, I was not able to track my package in the Philippines. Ideally, the PhilPost will send you a notification card that your package is ready for pick up, in my case I never received any letter.

The package was addressed to Sampaloc, Manila so I went to the Manila Central Post Office to claim it. The Manila Central Post Office is big and you might get lost and overwhelmed, but the parcel area is located in the basement. Once in the building, turn right and take the stairs down to the Parcel section.

How to get your parcel:

  1. Fill up a form with your shipping number, Name, address etc.
  2. Show a valid ID for verification
  3. Pay the postal handling fee of P112.00
  4. Sign a form confirming you have received your parcel


Time Line:

  • Order created: November 29, 2019
  • Shipping Confirmation: December 04, 2019
  • Package Departed Los Angeles, USA: December 05, 2019
  • Package Departed Dubai UAE: December 07, 2019
  • Package Departed Airport Transfer Manila, PH: December 07, 2019
  • Package received in Manila Post Office: December 20, 2019

It took almost a month to receive my order but I think it’s still worth it if you got the items on sale. Also, I received the items well packaged with no damages especially the highlighter and powders since it can easily be broken during transit.

If you’re in no rush and willing to go to your Post Office to retrieve your package then I recommend having your orders shipped internationally. Otherwise, as previously mentioned, you can just buy them through online stores.

So here’s my last year’s ColourPop haul:

Did you also have a ColourPop Black Friday haul? What did you get?


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