Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Lulu. I’m a 20-something-year-old, medical doctor from the Philippines. I’m a certified makeup and beauty addict. When buying new makeup or skincare, I usually read dozens of reviews before purchasing. I usually search for Asian or Filipino reviews.

Then I realized why not write my own reviews and create my own blog? I’ve been meaning to make a beauty blog but I never had the time because of crazy schedule when I was a medical resident.  After finishing residency and passing my diplomate board exam early this year, I finally had the time to make my own beauty blog! And next year I’m planning to train for my subspecialty fellowship.

My skin type is oily, acne prone. My favourite makeup brands are Urban Decay, NARS and MAC. I’m always in search of the best, foolproof products (may it be drugstore or high end)  that can withstand my oily skin and my long duty hours in the Emergency room and ICU.

For any suggestions or product recommendations just hit me up in the contact page! I’d love to hear from you!